about us

Our journey starts with a visionary proprietor who founded Damasca Company because of a desire for authentic taste that was developed during years of schooling in the UK. The first gem in this crown of culinary perfection is Damasca Restaurant.

Our Special Qualities

At Damasca, we take great satisfaction in our professional staff, which combines exceptional abilities with committed workers who have polished their skills in the field of Syrian cuisine. This makes sure that each meal we serve is a work of art that captures the essence of Syria’s rich culinary tradition.

Celebrations Weaved with Flavour

To genuinely make your special moments extraordinary, we go above and beyond the norm!
We provide catering services, so you can enjoy plenty of authentic Syrian food served at your parties and events, creating a lasting impression on your visitors.

Discover the Legacy of Damasca

Damasca is more than just a restaurant; it is a representation of passion, knowledge, and a commitment to providing customers with unmatched culinary experiences. Each meal offers you a trip through taste and heritage while preserving Syria’s culinary talent.

Come and experience the remarkable flavours that define who we are at Damasca, where every mouthful tells a tale, every meal makes a memory, and every visit is a celebration of them.

Damsca is all set and ready to serve you!

Damasca Restaurant